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The medical content in all Big Texas CPR LLC courses are consistent with the latest CPR, AED and first aid guidelines, to reflect the current  ILCOR Consensus Guidelines for CPR and ECC. All Big Texas CPR courses meet or exceed the medical objectives of similar training programs, to include those released by the American Heart Association.

Big Texas CPR LLC

Providing Education in AHA BLS Provider CPR/AED, ECSI Standard First Aid, CPR, AED, BBP, and more. Online training available everywhere. Live classes available in/around Houston and San Antonio (and all of Texas soon)

We offer American Heart Association (AHA) courses


Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI) courses

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Adult, Child, Infant CPR with AED with /without Standard First Aid   - Classroom Education

($50 + tax per student) ECSI Adult, Child, Infant CPR with AED.

Each student will be provided a book at class time.  The book is new and yours to keep.

($70 + tax per student) ECSI CPR/AED & Standard First Aid.

This class is perfect for the non-medical professional. If you are a

medical professional, click here. 

Scouts get a discount on this class - Click here

Do not look for class dates on this site - you will not find any.

Classroom training is only available at your location, if you have 4 or more students, and are able to ensure social distance training. This means YOU pick the date/time that works when our schedules align. 

For CPR/AED Course - Training will include: Coverage of the most current CPR and ECC Guidelines: Clear, concise direction on how to perform CPR for Adult, Children and Infants, and use an AED during an emergency.

With Standard First Aid - Training will include all of the above PLUS: Current information on injuries and illnesses. New and updated content on the use of hemostatic dressings, application of tourniquets, administering epinephrine, dental care, and more. 

Length of course: Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours for CPR/AED, add 1.5 to 2 hours when Standard First Aid is included in class. 

Class size: There must be at least 4 students to conduct a class. Don't have 4 students? Take the online course. Classes of 5 or more will receive a 10% discount (off total cost if paid by one person). 

Contact us today to schedule your class - Call (832) 930-0277 or email

Certification: Certification is good for 2 years and given directly after class.