Big Texas CPR gets its certification and guidelines from ESCI.

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Do we provide training that meets (or exceeds)

American Heart Association (AHA) standards?

The answer is YES.                Read below for details.

It is a common misconception that the American Heart Association (AHA) sets the standards for CPR, AED & First Aid training - this is simply not true. It is the ILCOR Consensus Guidelines that set the standards. ILCOR is the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation. The AHA is only one of several contributors that help decide how these standards are taught. Contrary to popular belief, the AHA is not the only agency allowed to teach CPR. 

They provide a large amount of data to the ILCOR but, they are not the ruling authority on teaching CPR. Click on the links to learn about the ILCOR  or click here to watch a short video. The ILCOR meets twice yearly to talk about these standards, and they set industry guidelines every 5 years. Their most recent guidelines were published in 2015.

The medical content in all ECSI - Big Texas CPR - courses is consistent with the latest CPR, AED and first aid guidelines, to reflect the 2015 ILCOR Consensus Guidelines for CPR and ECC. All ECSI courses meet or exceed the medical objectives of similar training programs, such as those released by the American Heart Association.

Some medical employers will only allow AHA cards for their staff. Some pools and beaches will only allow American Red Cross cards for their lifeguards. Some Girl/Boy Scout troops will only allow "approved vendors" to teach them. We can not change these misconceptions about authorized agencies for teaching but, we can guarantee that our trainers are taught (and always use) the most current, up to date, industry standards in every class (in the classroom and online).

We always highly recommend that students (who need to) check with their boss, their director, or troop leader prior to obtaining CPR/AED/First Aid education and feel free to share this webpage, and contact us for course info. 

So, "Do we provide training that meets (or exceeds)

American Heart Association standards?"

The answer is a resounding "Yes!" 

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