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Don't want to provide lip-to-lip breaths during CPR?

No problem - use a barrier device !! 

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It is true that doing Compression Only CPR is O.K., it is also true that the American Heart Association, and ECSI, believe that some sort of oxygen supplement must be included within the first few minutes of a resuscitation attempt, in order to provide the best possible chance of victim survival. 

How do you give breaths without actually touching lip-to-lip?

Carrying a small Keychain CPR mask is a fantastic solution.

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Our one-time use masks:

  • Have a protective one-way valve. 

  • Come in a quality holder with a velcro closure. 

  • Are easy to carry with the attached key ring.

  • Have CPR: 30:2 printed on them (as a reminder of the compression to breaths ratio)  

  • Are available in 6 colors: Yellow, Red, Black, Pink, Green, and Blue.

  • Are only $3.00 each with free shipping. (shipping charges may apply if ordering 5 or more).