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​​($150 + tax per Scout) Wilderness First Aid, 16 hour, BSA approved classroom education, using ECSI Guidelines and material. 

Training will include: Prevention, assessment, and treatment for an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care by a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. This is defined as being an hour or more away from advanced care. 

Note: This course covers everything in the Adult, Child, Infant CPR/AED with Standard First Aid course - a $70 class - plus much, much more. CPR /AED is a mandatory requirement for any Scout taking a BSA class. ($25 discount for current CPR certification)

Length of course: 16 hours. This is often done in two 8 hours classes. We are very flexible and can adjust to your troops needs. 

Class size: There must be at least 4 Scouts to conduct a class. 

Certification: Certification is good for 2 years and given directly after class. 

Contact us today to schedule your class - Call (832) 930-0277 or email states: BSA has identified the following providers as meeting the BSA’s requirements for WFA training: American Red Cross, Emergency Care & Safety Institute, and (3) providers accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA) under the ACA’s standard “HW.2.2/ST.3.2  First Aid & Emergency Care Personnel”. WFA courses offered by any other provider does not meet the BSA’s requirements. The ACA does not review courses for BSA units.   

If WFA is required for your adventure, then you must obtain a certificate from one of the providers listed above. In addition, a current CPR/AED certificate is also needed. If you have specific questions on equivalencies, reach out to the entity running the program requiring WFA.   

Big Texas CPR proudly uses Emergency Care & Safety Institute Standards !!

The Boy Scouts of America 16  hour Wilderness First Aid Course

taught by Big Texas CPR 

The medical content in all Big Texas CPR LLC courses are consistent with the latest CPR, AED and first aid guidelines, to reflect the current  ILCOR Consensus Guidelines for CPR and ECC. All Big Texas CPR courses meet or exceed the medical objectives of similar training programs, to include those released by the American Heart Association.

Big Texas CPR LLC

Providing Education in AHA BLS Provider CPR/AED, ECSI Standard First Aid, CPR, AED, BBP, and more. Online training available everywhere. Live classes available in/around Houston and San Antonio (and all of Texas soon)